Argument #1

This is the first in my series of justifications for informal whoring that I will be posting on this blog.

I may try to take it for a hundred days or a year or some other semi-arbitrary number–however long it takes me to either (a) prove my point beyond my own doubt, and beyond the doubt of like-minded peers (if I get any readers), or, (b) realize that I need to re-work my philosophy.  How long does it take someone to justify a life philosophy?  I’m sure I will end up proving my hypothesis–there are many examples of why transactional sex is the correct method, and I see and hear them practically every day, and even when I don’t, I think about things that have happened to me in the past that prove that it is not only the best way to deal with a bad situation but in fact is the only thing bestowed upon women by nature that may allow them to hold equal status with men in society (and, really, in their personal lives, too).  If you believe that the genders are different but equal to each other, then the strategy of always-and-only transactional sex should make sense.

Let’s start off with a simple one: this story that was going around a week or two ago about the modeling agent that sexually harassed his employees.  It is illustrative of my point because it shows that

(a) men will take advantage of women when they can,

(b) men will use social conventions like necessary business meetings between employees and employers and the supposed respect that is owed to authority (during those meetings and in general) to get sex that otherwise would not be given to them, and

(c) most importantly, women who try to make up for this type of treatment by making a living off of their sexuality will be duly screwed over unless they come to a complete consciousness of their sexuality as a commodity and only give it away when they are receiving their pay up-front (the article notes that the girls “have yet to see a dime of their earnings”).

Part of the reason that this is a simple example, though, is that it deals with concrete things like employment and money and sexual currency (or “erotic capital,” as Catherine Hakim calls it), and doesn’t get into any of the icky and truly disheartening thoughts and beliefs behind it.  We will deal with those things in future updates.


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