Monthly Archives: May 2012

When I first went out with Six he accused me of being crazy almost immediately, but he called it depression so I didn’t take it for what it was.

He wanted free, totally uncompensated casual sex.  He also wanted what he called “intimacy” along with the sex.  I’m still not sure what he meant by that but I have had to guess that it meant I would yell and scream in bed and tell him how great the sex was and come to orgasm (for him) and never, ever want to talk to him after the whole thing was over.  I didn’t feel very happy about that arrangement and I showed that I didn’t feel happy.  So he decided I needed a diagnosis.  A woman who does not give a man the type of sex he wants is crazy.

“Some guy threatened to blackmail me once, when I sent him naked pictures.”

“Can I see the pictures?”

“No.  I’m kind of bothered that you would ask me that, since we just met and especially if you think I already have emotional problems, why would you stoke them?”

“I was just kidding about the pictures.”

“Really?  I thought you were serious.  What if I had sent them to you?”

“I would have enjoyed them.”