Monthly Archives: June 2012

Like I said on May 22, men like to accuse women of being crazy when they don’t get the sex that they want.  I didn’t know this when I wrote that post, but there are some places where it happens the opposite way, too.  Check out the exchange between Ziba and Bahman in Divorce Iranian Style, starting at 20:59:


Of course, this isn’t exactly the same as what I was talking about because she clearly admits in front of everyone, including the accused, that she doesn’t actually think he’s crazy and is only saying it so she’ll have grounds for divorce.  The worst and most harmful thing about insanity accusations to obtain sex is that once someone accuses you of being crazy, you are always crazy, and nothing you say counts from that point on; if you admit you’re crazy then you’re crazy, and if you deny that you’re crazy, well, of course a crazy person would say they aren’t!

Still, I’m glad to see that there’s at least a theoretical counterpart for women.  I’ll watch the rest of the film soon and let you guys know if there are any true examples of woman-on-man insanity accusations.