The Independent has reported that a high school cheerleader was kicked off her squad after refusing to cheer for a basketball player who sexually assaulted her:

She was 16 when she said she had been raped at a house party attended by dozens of fellow students…four months later…when [her assailant] was about to take a free throw [at a match], the girl decided to stand silently with her arms folded.

…the school superintendent in the sport-obsessed small town…told HS to leave the gymnasium. Outside, he told her she was required to cheer for Bolton. When the girl said she was unwilling to endorse a man who had sexually assaulted her, she was expelled from the cheerleading squad.

She sued the school district for violating her right to free speech when they required her to chant for him.  She lost the case; the court claimed that she was “a mouthpiece through which [the school district] could disseminate speech.”

I’m not even saying that it isn’t true that she was a mouthpiece for the school, or that as a mouthpiece she could refuse to chant for him.  I am saying that if people thought sexual assault were serious or if they thought it was legitimate that she was uncomfortable with cheering for her attacker they would let it go.  It’s just a school sports game.

But people don’t think it’s serious.  People think unwanted sex is not a big deal and you should just lay back and enjoy it.  This story is from May 2011 and I just found it in the “most viewed” section of the website while looking at something else, and as much as I believe that some people have kept clicking on it because they think it’s appauling, I also think there are some people who click on it because they think it’s funny or entertaining, including sexually entertaining.  This is another example of why it is important to always and only engage in transactional sex; until women show men that sex is serious by treating it like a business deal, and until they obtain more power by holding more of the money, this type of treatment will not stop.


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