OkCupid, again

“Hi There! I liked your profile and if you don’t mind me saying, I think you’re totally attractive! I hope my compliment didn’t make you blush too terribly yet, made you smile.”

Translation: I hope I did something to you without your consent, so that I know I forced you into a sexual interaction whether or not you agree to go out with me.  I’m going to assume that I embarrassed you, and I’m also going to conclude, for you, that you are okay with being embarrassed*.  Then I’m going to pretend that the whole thing is really wholesome while also still getting my sexual gratification from it.

I’m going to say that your feelings are the priority, and I’m going to prove, through my actions, that the opposite is true.

  1. warwhores said:

    This is such a cool blog! I think, weird as it is for a grown man to do so, I rejoiced a bit on the inside of getting to read these posts. All of the things that come to my mind are wildly inappropriate yet ultimately excited that this is being done. And it should be done. I don’t pity you or feel remorse for you or anything but I do, however, admire the hell out of your observation and analysis. Your mind is brilliant!

    • That is interesting that you rejoiced–I wonder what about, exactly. I really appreciate this comment and your open feedback! I liked your blog a lot too and will continue reading.

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