*Obviously I’m okay with being embarrassed by strangers, it’s okay for them to do that to me, because I should be automatically 100% open to accepting any man who wants me to as a really great guy that deserves my immediate trust and affection even though we’ve never spoken.  I should be super emotionally free with him from the very beginning because only an ill or vindictive woman is cold toward a man who wants her.  I should be completely okay with letting him do very personal things to me from the very start of our interactions and at the moment that he realizes he’s had his very last enjoyable orgasm out of me I should immediately know that at any point after that moment it would be wildly inappropriate for me to show any emotion toward him at all.

  1. warwhores said:

    That is an absolutely beautiful piece of prose. Did you write that?

    • Yes, I did. I actually thought it came out kind of wishy-washy so thank you for saying that.

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