If it became a thing to punish or prosecute psychopathology, not just as a condition underlying a crime but to punish the condition itself and identify people with those characteristics as the people who bring harm to society, all it would result in is psychopaths using the psychopath diagnosis to persecute their whores and throw them in prison (or hospital prison) even worse than they do now.

  1. James England said:

    Who is to say it has not already become the trend?

    What is the prognosis of your adventures into this entrepreneurial field? What obstacles do you look back upon? Have they been overcome?

    And more importantly, have you enjoyed the journey to this point?

    • Well, I guess it might have, but I’m talking about the way that it will never happen that actual psychopaths are successfully prevented from doing harm to society because those psychopaths will always use whatever that prevention method is to imprison (or hospital imprison) those who who would accuse them. My gut reaction is that this would happen first and worst to the people that they have sex with, and for the weakest reasons.

    • Also, I’m not trying to identify psychopaths or go into any kind of “entrepreneurial field” (I’m trying to identify them well enough only to avoid them). I think about these things because they lead indirectly to something that has to do with whoring. I’m not sure if this answers your last questions.

      • James England said:

        Yes. I think your main issue will come up with the prevalence of “psychopathology” in the human population. It’s not as rare as sociological statistics would have the general population believe. You were very astute in noting that if psychopathology were actively persecuted, it would be psychopaths whom would rise to those ranks and then use that power to secure away anyone whom could or would have first-hand evidence of their behavior. Worst part is, arguably, it has already happened.

        Psychopathology covers such a wide spectrum of human psyche dysfunctions that it becomes unhelpful to simply call anyone a psychopath. The ones whom most people spend their time ideating about are the fabled psycho-killers “ques qui ce (fa-fa-fa-faa-fa-fa-fuh-fa-faaafah)” whom are secluded and simply waiting to execute some menacing end onto a victim. The real trouble comes from the ones I call the “dopplegangers”. They act so imperceptibly and acutely like humans until you actually trigger their emotions – at which point the guise drops and their true unadulterated isolation and anger and fear comes to the surface. These are the ones I fear. There are others. Enough to write an encyclopedia of different monsters disguised as humans, each with their own individual triggers. I am always surprised that women are the last ones to figure out which are which, especially considering their usual predilection to empathic probing of the people around them.

        As someone who has spent a good deal of his life dealing with various psychopaths in their natural and otherwise environments, I would have to say the first thing I would look at is their speech patterns. Every human being, psychopath or otherwise, inevitably always gives away his or her intentions over the course of any idle, relaxed conversation spanning over ten minutes.

        The dumber ones are easy to spot. They are all equally maligned and dangerous but thankfully horrible at concealing it. Dangerous by themselves and in numbers. Sometimes worse when by themselves.

        And again, this is possibly one of the more interesting accounts of a young woman’s journey. I have no idea what happens to this stranger across the internet but I have read her notes before she set off on the journey and I understand her rationale in a capacity under which I am able to and now I sit back and wonder of what will come.

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