I went to the bar to wait for Ten and when I got there the bouncer asked to look in my bag to see if I was bringing in any alcohol.  He saw that all I had in there was a box with shoes–“girls always have either wine or shoes in their bag.  Usually shoes.”

It was too loud in the bar so I went out to the patio.  Some girl was chatting up the bouncer and he told her that he has worked a lot of strip clubs.  He said, are you doing a dissertation or something? And she said she wants to go and interview and photograph some girls, not nude photos or anything but just headshots, and how could she get in contact with some strippers for that?  Should she call the club manager?  And the bouncer said he could tell some stories about strip clubs that would probably be a comedy, or a tragedy, or a comedy-tragedy or whatever.

I wonder if he knew that the shoes in my bag were stripper shoes.


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