How do I turn it into money?

Men love suffering and that’s why I have no trouble including gay male prostitutes in the same category as straight female ones–it isn’t always about what is done to women but rather sometimes it’s about what is done by men.  I’m not saying girls are never terrible because they are and they may be just as terrible, but we do it for the outcome and men do it just for the suffering.

I understand that you might not like my tip walk, but that is the only time I make money.  You do not have to pay a cover.  People say stripping is trashy and I never thought that and I still don’t except for when no one is paying me and I am naked for free, like I have no standards.  Some people could sit there and see me naked multiple times and not even give me one dollar.  If everyone who saw me gave me at least a dollar I’d be good, but they don’t even do that much.

I know this has value because they are always reminding me of it even when I don’t want to be reminded.  There are other girls who complain about making a hundred when I’ve only made twenty and Baltimore said it’s because I have to learn how to hustle.  I told her I don’t know how to do that and she said that customers don’t like her because they know she’ll beat them up if they cross her, but they like me because they think they can take me out into the back alley and rape me.  She was right.

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  1. writingthebody said:

    That is a frightening last sentence. It seems to me you are moving beyond it….but are you really? Good luck with what sounds like a fight for your survival.

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