“Villagers In Morocco Drive Out Prostitutes”

A band of men in Morocco organized a campaign to drive prostitutes out of town.

The [driving out of prostitutes from] Ain Leuh are being held up by some in Morocco as another triumph of the Arab Spring — testament to what can happen when ordinary citizens stand up for change and make life better for themselves.

Unless they’re prostitutes.

Mourad Boufala, 32, who runs a cigarette and candy shop in the main square, said he was not in favor of prostitution.

What does that mean?  Does he not have a wife?

“It got to the point where if you were a woman you could not say you were from here.”

I do believe that, though.

Whenever I hear groups of “Arab Spring” young men talk about freedom, justice, equality, etc. it gives me no confidence at all that they will extend those things to the women in their countries; see the negative reception that Egyptian demonstrators had on International Women’s Day.  I’m not saying this to bash that group of people specifically but rather to say that when men talk about equality you should at least remain suspicious.

Also, the article mentioned that prostitution is criminalized in Morocco only at the very end (“Mrs. Oulaaskri…is facing charges related to running a house of prostitution”), and never said that the neighbors’ reasonable complaints (rude, rowdy customers) could be solved if they could run like a regular business.


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