I’m a girl from the East Coast US, mid-twenties, hold a university degree which I increasingly regret, and have spent a small amount of time doing actual sex work, which I’ll probably discuss here, but this blog project is about more than that.

My other interests include linguistics and town planning.

I love Bat for Lashes, Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver, The Smiths, Frank Fairfield, Joy Division, Beirut, The National, Neutral Milk Hotel, Tom Waits and probably some others I can’t think of right now.

I mean everything I say in this blog, but also it’s only one side of me.  I used to be very militant and believe all of this very literally, and all the time; it’s at the point now where it isn’t at the forefront of my consciousness, but I know if I don’t get it out it will roll around in my head forever.  I don’t necessarily always live my life by such extreme beliefs, at least not all the time, but I am always 100% dedicated to informal whoring and always-and-only transactional sex in every situation that sex arises in my life.

  1. writingthebody said:

    I will have to read more to see what you mean by informal whoring….you want to be paid each time I guess. But I hope you are ok, because the emotions are the hardest space to sort out. Sex itself is not the thing I suspect.

  2. Aphrodite said:

    Hi, I just found your blog. It’s nice to connect with someone in sex work.

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